Tuesday, December 27, 2011

STEP 4: Downloading and Filling In Your PCMS Certificate

Once you see your station ID sign, name, date of issuance and location appear in the Pop'Comm Monitoring Station Program online database, it's time to download and fill in your official monitoring station certificate.

Simply scroll to the blog entry after this one that is titled DOWNLOAD: Your Pop'Comm Monitoring Station Certificate of Registration. At the lower right of the screen you will see several icons. You'll want to click on the downward arrow, which is the DOWNLOAD function. It is circled in RED on the sample illustration below. The certificate will be downloaded to your desktop, download folder, or wherever downloads are normally filed on your computer.

Once it has downloaded to your computer, find the file and open it. You are now preparing to open the fields to type in your personal information.

NOTE: It may take your computer a minute or two to fully load the certificate to make it fully functional. When you click on one of the fields to be filled in - your name, for example - a box will appear on your screen titled: Cannot Save Form Information. This simply means the information you type into the certificate will not be saved. You must print the certificate after you've filled in all of the fields. You can open the download as many times as you like, though, and fill in the fields to print as many certificates as you'd like.